Mock Conference

What is the AA Michigan Mock Conference?

            Each year since 1951 the A.A. General Service Conference meeting has been held in New York state in April or May. The Conference is comprised of twenty one trustees, ninety three delegates, staff from the General Service Office, Grapevine, and General Service Board chairmen emeriti. The Conference officially begins on Sunday and ends on Friday.

            The Michigan Mock Conference is intended to aid both newly seated delegate(s) and members of the Fellowship in their understanding of Conference atmosphere and Conference procedures.

            The first Michigan Mock Conference was held in 1998 and is sponsored by three Michigan delegate areas, who meet quarterly as the Statewide General Service Committee: Area 33 Southeastern Michigan, Area 34 Western Michigan, and Area 32 Central Michigan. The Statewide General Service Committee sponsors the annual Michigan Mock Conference (MMC).

            Ninety-three delegates from across North America receive their Conference agendas with background materials in mid-February. The three voting members of the Michigan Mock Conference Committee select from that material nine Conference committees, each with three agenda items. Those selected agenda items are discussed and voted upon at the Mock Conference. Associated committee assignments and agenda background material is sent to those who pre-register for the Mock Conference.

            The Michigan Mock Conference is held in March each year prior to the GSC. The Mock Conference day begins at 9:00 a.m. and concludes after 4:00 p.m. Lunch is furnished. Coffee, water, and soda is available throughout the day. The order of business mirrors the actual Conference. The chairperson calls the meeting to order, followed by a roll call. The Conference chair gives a brief description of how the day’s business is to be conducted. In the morning the assembled mock delegates go to their committee rooms to deliberate and vote in committee. Then, in the afternoon, after lunch, the committee chairs report out their findings to the Conference.

            Both the Conferences, New York and Michigan, use Robert’s Rules of Order in a very gentle fashion. A. A. itself has adopted some rules and procedures not to be found in Robert’s Rules of Order, e.g., friendly amendments, etc. The MMC day is both informative and fun.

            Those MMC participants who pre-register before the prescribed cut-off date will electronically receive their committee assignments along with agenda items and associated background material before the MMC date. Pre-registration website is at

            You are encouraged to pre-register. Then, like your delegate, you’ll be able to study the background material, research the agenda items, and form an informed opinion so that you may actively participate in your committees discussions and floor debates.

—Conference Committees—

Attendance at the MMC is free and open to all members of the Fellowship. Please consider joining us.

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